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Female Students


The intention of the Center is to foster both entrepreneurship and innovation for the Goizueta community born of critical inquiry, developed to serve fundamental societal needs, executed according to sound business principles, and conceptualized in ways that open possibilities and spark imagination. 


Student Fellows

The Entrepreneurship Fellows Program recognizes Goizueta Business School students who exhibit an entrepreneurial mindset, whether starting their own business or innovating at a company, and demonstrate commitment to the Goizueta Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Taylor Adkins.png
MBA 24'

Taylor Adkins

Taylor started her own financial literacy business and wishes to help socially disadvantaged populations.

Margaux Galitz.png
MBA 22'

Margaux Galitz

Margaux is an EVCC co-president and is building her own startup within the pet industry.

Saif Nazrul.png
MBA 23'

Saif Nazrul

Saif has experience in strategy consulting, product commercialization, and in mentoring entrepreneurs.

Emily Wang.png
BBA 22'

Emily Wang

Emily worked at byCore, a start-up focusing on solving labor shortages in the construction industry.

Neil Banerjee.png
BBA 22'

Neil Banerjee

Neil worked on marketplace growth for a rideshare startup and wishes to launch his own startup after graduating. 

Stephon Harris.png
MBA 23'

Stephon Harris

Stephon co-founded a community for Black software developers and allies called Black Code Collective.

Murli Singh.png
MBA 23'

Murli Singh

Murli built a digital solution for event management and restaurant services, learning about product ideation.

Rahul Bendre.png
BBA 23'

Rahul Bendre

Rahul enjoys brainstorming and creating new ventures with friends in his free time and will work in the FinTech space.

Dany Hernandez.png
BBA 23'

Dany Hernandez

Dany founded a marketing and design company called D&D and hopes to pursue other business ventures soon.

Garima Soni.png
MBA 22'

Garima Soni

Garima has experience working in tech startups where she played key roles within Business Operations.

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Faculty & Staff
Charles F. Goetz.png

Charles F. Goetz

Distinguished Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Benn R. Konsynski.png

Benn R. Konsynski

George S. Craft Professor in Information Systems & Operations

Tetyana Balyuk.png

Tetyana Balyuk

Assistant Professor of Finance

George Easton.png

George Easton

Associate Professor of ISOM

Daniel McCarthy.png

Daniel McCarthy

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Andrea Hershatter.png

Andrea Hershatter

Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education

Jan Barton.png

Jan Barton

Associate Professor of Accounting; Area Coordinator of Accounting

Giacomo Negro.png

Giacomo Negro

Professor of Organization and Management

Robert Kazanjian.png

Robert Kazanjian

Academic Director, Goizueta CEI

Jill Perry Smith.png

Jill Perry Smith

Senior Associate Dean For Strategic Initiatives

Amelia Schaffner.png

Amelia Schaffner

Director, Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Renee Dye.png

Renée Dye

Associate Professor in the Practice of Organization & Management

Tian Chan.png

Tian Chan

Professor of ISOM

Klass Baks.png

Klaas Baks

Professor in the Practice of Finance

Peter Roberts.png

Peter Roberts

Professor of Organization & Management

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